MacBook Air A1534 Screen – 2015 to 2017

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The MacBook Air A1534 (2015-2017) features a 12-inch Retina display with the following specifications:

1. Display Size: 12 inches.

2. Resolution: 2304 x 1440 pixels.

3. Aspect Ratio: 16:10.

4. Pixel Density: Approximately 226 pixels per inch (PPI).

5. Display Technology: LED-backlit Retina display.

6. Color Gamut: The display supports the sRGB color space, providing accurate and vibrant colors.

7. Glossy Finish: The MacBook Air A1534 typically features a glossy finish on the display.

8. Brightness: The display is known for its brightness, making it suitable for use in various lighting conditions.

Replacing the screen on a MacBook Air A1534 (2015-2017) is a highly intricate and challenging procedure that requires advanced technical skills, specialized tools, and utmost caution. Additionally, the specifications of the replacement screen you’ll need are highly specific to the model and year of your MacBook Air A1534.

Here are some general guidelines for understanding the specifications of the replacement screen for a MacBook Air A1534:

1. Screen Size and Resolution: The MacBook Air A1534 typically comes with a 12-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels. Ensure that the replacement screen you purchase matches these specifications exactly.

2. Compatibility: Verify that the replacement screen is compatible with your specific MacBook Air A1534 model, including the correct year of production (2015-2017).

3. Display Technology: MacBook Air A1534 screens use LED-backlit Retina displays. Ensure that the replacement screen you choose has the same technology for proper compatibility.

4. Connector and Compatibility: Make sure that the replacement screen has the same type of connector (e.g., LVDS) as the original screen and is compatible with your MacBook’s logic board.

5. Professional Installation: Replacing a MacBook screen is a challenging task. Even with the right replacement part, it’s recommended to have the screen replaced by a MacBook Repair professional technician in Dubai. They have the experience and tools needed to perform the replacement correctly.

6. Anti-Reflective Coating: Some MacBook screens have an anti-reflective coating. If your original screen had this feature, consider getting a replacement screen with a similar coating for consistency.

7. Availability: Replacement screens for MacBook Air A1534 may not be as readily available as screens for other MacBook models, However, at Repairzone we try out best to find a suitable replacement.