MacBook Air A1932 Screen Replacement


MacBook Air A1932 Screen Replacement is a model released by Apple in 2018. It’s a 13.3-inch MacBook Air that features a Retina display, which is a significant upgrade in terms of screen quality compared to previous MacBook Air models. This MacBook Air A1932 comes with 13″ LCD Display With 2560×1600 Pixels Resolution; Colour: Silver, Gold, Space Grey. The price range starts from AED 1150.

Please note that the MacBook Air A1932 was discontinued in late 2020 when Apple introduced the MacBook Air with Apple Silicon (M1) processors. However, it is still possible to find the MacBook Air A1932 Screen Replacements in Dubai if you’re interested in this specific model.

Replacing the screen on a MacBook Air A1932 is a complex and delicate procedure that requires expertise in MacBook repairs and specialized tools. It’s strongly recommended to seek professional assistance or take your MacBook Air to an MacBook Repair Expert  for screen replacement. Attempting this repair on your own may lead to further damage.