Nintendo Switch Charging Port USB Type C Socket Dock Connector Replacement Component



Charging Port USB Type C Socket Dock Connector Replacement Component

Charging Port USB Type C Socket Dock Connector Replacement Component

  • High Quality Material: Made from High Quality Metal with 12 Pin Gold Plated Connectors for Excellent Charging Conductivity.
  • Repair your Nintendo Switch Console charging issues with this USB C Charging Port. Solve your Nintendo Switch Charging issues and optimize your gaming experience.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Nintendo Switch model numbers: HAC-001 and HAC-001(-01)
  • Please make sure you order the correct part. This Dock Connector is USB Type C Female and is installed in the Nintendo Switch, not the Docking Station.
  • Each Pack includes: 1 x Type-C port.

Replacing the USB Type-C charging port (dock connector) on a Nintendo Switch is a more advanced repair that requires soldering skills and specific tools. If you’re not experienced with soldering or electronics repair, it’s highly recommended to seek professional assistance or send the device to Nintendo for repair, as mishandling this repair can lead to further damage to your Nintendo Switch. Here are the general steps for replacing the charging port:

Tools and Materials You Will Need:

  • Replacement USB Type-C charging port/dock connector (ensure it’s compatible with the Nintendo Switch model).
  • Screwdriver (tri-wing and Phillips-head).
  • Soldering iron and solder.
  • Desoldering wick or soldering pump.
  • Tweezers.
  • Plastic spudger or opening tools.
  • A clean workspace.
  • Anti-static wrist strap (recommended).

Important Notes:

  • Make sure the Nintendo Switch is powered off and disconnected from any power source before starting.

Steps to Replace the Charging Port:

  • Remove the Screws:
    • Use the tri-wing screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the back panel of the Nintendo Switch in place. Keep the screws organised.
  • Open the Nintendo Switch:
    • Carefully use a plastic spudger or opening tool to pry open the back panel of the Nintendo Switch, starting at the seam. Be gentle to avoid damaging the plastic clips.
  • Disconnect the Battery:
    • Locate the battery connector on the motherboard and carefully disconnect it to ensure safety during the repair.
  • Locate and Remove the Old Charging Port:
    • Find the USB Type-C charging port on the motherboard.
    • Use a soldering iron and desoldering wick or soldering pump to remove the solder joints connecting the old charging port to the motherboard. Be very careful not to overheat the motherboard.
    • Once the solder is removed, gently lift the old charging port off the motherboard.
  • Install the New Charging Port:
    • Position the replacement USB Type-C charging port in place, aligning it with the solder points.
    • Carefully solder the new charging port to the motherboard using a soldering iron and solder.
  • Reassemble the Nintendo Switch:
    • Reconnect the battery.
    • Carefully place the back panel of the Nintendo Switch back in position, ensuring all plastic clips snap into place.
  • Secure the Screws:
    • Reinsert and tighten the screws with the tri-wing screwdriver.
  • Test the Nintendo Switch:
    • Reconnect the Nintendo Switch to a power source and turn it on.
    • Test the charging functionality to ensure the new port is working correctly.
  • Final Check:
    • Confirm that the Nintendo Switch charges and functions properly.
    • If everything is working as expected, your repair is complete.

Keep in mind that this process may vary slightly depending on your specific Nintendo Switch model. Additionally, if you are not comfortable with electronics repair or don’t have the necessary tools and experience, it’s best to seek professional assistance or send the Nintendo Switch to Nintendo for repair.